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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our
neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and

~ News ~
Common Architectural Review Board Violations
Posted on Apr 25th, 2016
- Accomplishing modifications to the home prior to receiving ARB approval.  This includes, but not limited to: (1) changes to the original/current paint scheme of homes (trim, front/rear doors, vinyl siding, garage doors, roofing), (2) adding to or modifying decks/patios/fencing (3) driveway/walkway modifications, (4) removing Bradford Pear trees.  To eliminate any follow-on issues with your home improvements please become familiar with ARB Guide before starting any projects.
- General maintenance of the home to include; (1) repairing damaged walkways (stones, bricks and concrete), (2) re-hanging fallen shutters/screens, (3) replace/repair areas of wood rot and peeling paint around wood framed windows and doors, (4) damaged/dented/cracked garage door panels, and (5) allowing mold to grow on vinyl siding.
- Storing Trash and Recycle Containers in public view… containers need to be stored out of sight from the street until the night prior to trash (Tue/Fri) and recycle (Fri) pickup.
- Allowing weeds to grow in/around plant and tree beds
- Allowing any type of vegetation (plant, weeds, or grass) to grow in the gravel along the roadway adjacent to your home.  These areas need to be treated frequently/monthly to ensure that the gravel is kept clear of any vegetation.
- Ensuring that lawns are properly maintained and kept clear of weeds and bare spots
- Leaving toys, bikes, and sports equipment on front and side yards visible from the street.  These items need to be stored after they are used every day… the only sports equipment allowed to be placed semi-permanently is basketball hoops (please review ARB restrictions for proper placement).
- Parking RVs, boats, commercial or inoperable vehicles on a property or public street.
How to obtain HOA approval for your Architectural Change Requests?
Posted on Mar 30th, 2014
1.  Review the HOA’s governing documents for detailed information concerning permitted alterations and the HOA’s submission/approval process (located in documents section of this website). 

2.  Complete all information requested on the Architectural Change Request form (documents section).  

3.  Attach detailed information (i.e., drawings, color samples, pictures. etc.) on the alterations you are proposing.  Drawings must show elevation, dimensions, height off ground, relationship to existing structure(s), colors, materials, etc.  
4.  Attach a copy of your property plat (documents section) with the proposed project sketched on it to scale.  

5.  Obtain all necessary approvals from Loudoun County specific to building and zoning codes.  (if applicable)

6.  Obtain signatures of all property owners who are affected because they are either adjacent to your property or have a view of your proposed alteration from their property.  If you do not get all the required signatures your application will be returned.

6.  USPS Mail or Email this form and associated supporting documentation to Patriot Properties, Inc.
How to report a Covenant or ARB violation to Patriot Properties?
Posted on Feb 23rd, 2014
Homeowners who have concerns on possible violations to the HOA's Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or ARB Guidelines should first review the governing documents contained in the "documents" section of this website.  If after reviewing the governing documents the homeowner still believes that there is a possible violation they should complete the "Community Complaint Form" also located in the documents section and email the HOA at hoa@timberbrookeestates.com AND/OR Patriot Properties at communities@patriotrents.com.  The form should include a photograph of the violation and a detailed description of the alleged violation(s).  
NOTE:  Complaints made using this process will be kept confidential.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Timberbrooke Estates Holiday Party (Adults Only)
Saturday, December 16th, 7 -10 pm at 21003 Rostormel Ct.
The Timberbrooke Estates Annual Holiday Party (Adult's Only Please) has been confirmed by the Board and will be held on December 16, 2017 between 7-10pm at 21003 Rostormel Ct. (Lee Residence).  An Evite will be sent out shortly... please RSVP with the appetizer/dessert you plan on sharing with other guests.  If you do not receive the evite please email hoa@timberbrookeestates.com and your address will be added.
Annual HOA Meeting
Wednesday, January 17th to Friday, February 16th, TBD at TBD
check back for more info