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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our
neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and

~ News ~
Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule
Posted on Jun 24th, 2019
Trash pickup normally occurs every Tuesday and Friday... very early in the morning.  Recycling pickup normally occurs on Friday afternoons.  Please put your bins out on the street the night prior to scheduled pickup dates. 
If you have specific questions pertaining to the impact of certain holidays please reference American Disposal Services website directly at www.americandisposal.com.  
How to Maintain a Bradford Pear Tree?
Posted on Apr 17th, 2019
A very good article is available in the 'documents' section of this website.
How to properly dispose of fallen tree branches and other yard debris?
Posted on Feb 19th, 2018
American Disposal Services WILL NOT remove the debris from fallen trees and branches during normal trash pickup.  They will remove normal yard waste (bagged leaves/grass/plants) but not branches or cutup tree stumps.  In addition, some homeowners are unknowingly harming the environment by disposing of their yard debris (leaves, branches, etc.) incorrectly.  To help educate our homeowners a very handy Q&A document is now available in the 'documents”' section of this website.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Architectural Hearing & Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 18th, 7-9pm at Patriot Properties Inc.
An architectural violation hearing will occur at 7pm and last for approximately 15 minutes.  At the conclusion of the hearing the normal quarterly board meeting will be called to order.  Open and closed sessions will be held of the board meeting will be held.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the open sessions which normally occur first.  
Timberbrooke Estates Holiday Party
Saturday, December 21st, 7-10 pm at Fliess Home - 21021 Glendower Court Ashburn VA 20147
Timberbrooke Estates holiday party (adults only) will be hosted by Kevin and Sue Fliess at 21021 Glendower Ct.  Please RSVP to them directly using the evite that was sent out in November.  If you would like to have the evite sent to you again please email hoa@timberbrookeestates.com.